Sinusitis Treatment Specialists

Each patient suffering from sinusitis is different. Schedule a consultation today to see if you are a good candidate for in-office sinus dilation, a very non-evasive procedure.

I’ve never seen a service that is so thorough: from diagnosis to even after-care services. Simply the best thing ever!

  • Benjamin Smith

Breathe Easier with Help from the Most Experienced Sinus & Balloon Sinuplasty Surgeon in the Area

Dr. Alavi has been performing the revolutionary minimally invasive balloon sinuplasty procedure since 2007 and has helped more than 5,000 patients in Ventura and Santa Barbara experience relief from chronic sinusitis symptoms. Discover how clinically proven balloon sinuplasty can help you breathe easier today!

Less Invasive Surfer's Ear Treatment

Dr. Alavi is the only Ventura County doctor that performs outpatient procedures in the office to treat surfer's or swimmer's ear.

There is no room for doubt with Dr. Alavi’s expertise. Everything that must be taken care of are handled professionally and meticulously!

  • Anna Davis
Meet Dr. Alavi​
Dr. Armin Alavi attended college at Cambridge Tutors College, Surrey, England and University College, London, England. He studied medicine a Southhampton Medical School, England from 1994 to 2000 and obtained his medical degree in 2000.
Meet Dr. Culver
Dr. Stephanie Culver was born and raised in Newark, Delaware, where she attended the University of Delaware undergraduate studies program and graduated Magna Cum Laude with Honors and Distinction. She immediately began her medical training, receiving her medical degree from New York University in Manhattan.

About Pacific View ENT

Dr. Armin Alavi founded Pacific View ENT, the oldest established private practice in Ventura, which specializes in surgeries of the ears, nose, throathead and neck, as well cosmetic and plastic surgeries many of which can be performed right in our office. 

Pacific View ENT’s Santa Barbara location is a full-service otolaryngology clinic located at 533 E. Micheltorena Street, Suite 203, Santa Barbara, California. Dr. Alavi provides rapid symptom relief and real improvement in your patients’ health and overall quality of life through a comprehensive range of evidence-based treatments and advanced surgeries.



“My experience with Dr. Alavi was a great one. He is what all healthcare professionals should strive to be. He was not only considerate and compassionate but also attentive. Like all great doctors, he left me worry-free and answered all the questions and concerns any patient would have.”

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