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Sinusitis means your sinuses are inflamed. The cause can be an infection or another problem. Your sinuses are hollow air spaces within the bones surrounding the nose. They produce mucus, which drains into the nose. If your nose is swollen, this can block the sinuses and cause pain.

There are several types of sinusitis, including

      • Acute, which lasts up to 4 weeks
      • Subacute, which lasts 4 to 12 weeks
      • Chronic, which lasts more than 12 weeks and can continue for months or even years
      • Recurrent, with several attacks within a year

Acute sinusitis often starts as a cold, which then turns into a bacterial infection. Allergies, nasal problems, and certain diseases can also cause acute and chronic sinusitis.

Symptoms of sinusitis can include fever, weakness, fatigue, cough, and congestion. There may also be mucus drainage in the back of the throat, called postnasal drip.

Sinusitis affects 37 million people each year, making it one of the most common health problems in the U.S. It is more prevalent than heart disease and asthma and has a greater impact on quality of life than chronic back pain or congestive heart failure. As an ears, nose and throat specialist, Dr. Alavi has extensive experience treating sinusitis and always looks to the latest and most effective treatment options.

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Camarillo Sinusitis Treatment Specialists

Camarillo Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty is a procedure that surgeons use for the treatment of blocked sinuses. Patients diagnosed with sinusitis but not responding to medications may be candidates for sinus surgery.

This is a procedure done under IV sedation in our state of the art procedure room. It involves the placement of a tiny sinus balloon into each of the natural drainage pathways of the sinus cavities. The natural pathway is then opened by inflation of the balloon. The balloon is removed and no stent is required. This restores the natural sinus drainage and has great success long term in relieving sinus issues and congestion. Frequently it is performed along with turbinate reduction as well as minimally invasive endoscopic septoplasty to further enhance the results.

The procedure takes about 15 minutes. Typically, the patient can sense an improved breathing and reduction of sinus pressure almost immediately. Patients have minimal discomfort and usually do not require any pain medication. Most patients are back to work the following day.

There is no packing or foreign material placed in the nose and never any bruising or swelling that accompanies traditional sinus surgery.

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Camarillo Balloon Sinuplasty​
camarillo surfer's ear treatment

Less Invasive Surfer's Ear Treatment

To anyone suffering from difficulty hearing, the above scenario will hit uncomfortably home. And for surfers, the likelihood of hearing problems is especially prevalent. So much so that we even have our own auditory disorder named after us – Surfer’s Ear, aka exostosis.

Surfer’s ear and is caused by repeated exposure to cold water and wind. Cooling of the ear canal stimulates bone growth that narrows the canal and blocks the eardrum.

Ask any surfer whose time in the water doesn’t dwindle during the colder months. Chances are, they or someone they know will have some experience with exostosis. Which brings us to this story: a PSA for anyone experiencing pain, loss of hearing, or embarrassment due to auditory awkwardness. See below for a full breakdown of Surfer’s Ear.

How do you get it?

There’s a reason why it’s called Surfer’s Ear. It’s because surfers (and swimmers or spaners) are often exposed to cold water and wind. And in response to the harsh conditions, your body attempts to protect the sensitive ear drum by producing bony growths. But the problem is, the growths don’t recede once you’re out of the cold; in fact, they often just continue growing.

How do you prevent it?
Avoiding exostosis is easier said than done. Even the staunchest earplug wearers will occasionally forget to batten down the hatches. Or forget to use ear drops post-surf. Or any number of missteps in ear care. But if you can stick to ’em, this article provides a list of defense tactics for combating exostosis.

Dr. Alavi is the only Ventura County ears, nose and throat physician that performs outpatient procedures in the office to treat surfer’s or swimmer’s ear.

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Ventura ENT Doctor Armin Alavi

Meet Dr. Alavi

Specialist in Camarillo | Ears, Nose and Throat Physician
Dr. Armin Alavi attended college at Cambridge Tutors College, Surrey, England and University College, London, England. He studied medicine at Southhampton Medical School, England from 1994 to 2000 and obtained his medical degree in 2000. He completed his General Surgery training in England and obtained a general surgery diploma in 2005 and became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. In 2005 he moved to Los Angeles, CA and commenced further post-graduated training (residency) in Otolaryngology (ENT)- Head & Neck Surgery at Los Angeles County USC Medical Center in 2005. He completed his residency successfully in July 2010.

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Dr. Armin Alavi specializes in surgeries of the ears, nose, throat, head and neck, as well cosmetic and plastic surgeries many of which can be performed right in our main office located at 3555 Loma Vista Road, Suite 200 in Ventura, CA.

Dr. Alavi is very pleased to announce the opening of Pacific View ENT, a full-service clinic located at 3901 Las Posas Road, Suite 205, Camarillo, California.

Dr. Alavi provides rapid symptom relief and real improvement in your patients’ health and overall quality of life through a comprehensive range of evidence-based treatments and advanced surgeries.